Season 4
... To Change the Things I Can
... To Change the Things I Can
Season 4 | Episode 422 | Aired 05/18/2011
Addison is heading down the airport terminal when she sees Violet waiting for her flight. She also runs into Naomi, who is trying to catch Fife. Sadly, the plane is already backing away. That’s fine. Fife wasn’t onboard anyway. He knew Naomi would come running after him. That’s why he was standing by with an engagement ring. Naomi says yes to his proposal, but they will not be going to DC. Their new family will be moving to New York to be close to Maya.

Of course, that means Naomi must say goodbye to BFF Addison, who is not going away with pineapple guy after all. Instead, she goes back to the office to announce to her colleagues that they should dissolve Oceanside Wellness Group and open a new practice. They’ll start over. They’ll still be a family; they’ll just need to change. More change comes when Addison and Sam end up in bed together. She’s still going to have a baby even if it isn’t with him. Hopefully Sam will be able to deal.

At the end of a long day, Pete is home cleaning up toys. Remember how we said he’d been feeling run down? Well, it’s a bit more serious than that. Pete clutches his chest. He collapses to the floor. Violet is gone and Lucas looks scared. He has every reason to be frightened. It looks like his dad is having a heart attack right in front of him.


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