Season 5
God Laughs
God Laughs
Season 5 | Episode 501 | Aired 09/28/2011

When we last saw Pete Wilder, he was on the floor clutching his chest in severe pain. Pete desperately tries to grab for the phone, but it remains just out of reach. When Sam is summoned to the hospital, we fear the worst as his unseen patient dies on the table. The good news is that it's not Pete. The bad news is that nobody knows he's having a massive heart attack at home as his frightened son looks on from across the room.

When Cooper finds out Violet left for New York, he heads over to cheer up Pete. There's no answer at the door as Lucas cries from inside. Coop finds Pete unconscious on the floor and Lucas hiding under a table. They arrive at the hospital where Sam uses the paddles to start Pete's heart. Cooper isn't clear when this happens, so he's jolted into the wall. He'll be fine, just a little tingly for a bit. Pete's fate, however, remains unknown.

Amelia isn't letting the fact that her surgical privileges at St. Ambrose have been revoked get her down. She's drinking big time and getting into bar fights. Well, it's not really much of a fight when you topple off a bar and cut open your hand. Amelia calls Sheldon for a ride. She kisses him, though it's not for seduction purposes. Amelia simply wants Sheldon to stop lecturing long enough to cruise her to the hospital for stitches.


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