Season 5
Breaking the Rules
Breaking the Rules
Season 5 | Episode 502 | Aired 10/05/2011

Our favorite Oceanside docs are holding interviews to fill Naomi's post. A multitude of applicants come marching through the door and every single one of them goes marching right back out. Nobody seems to be a good fit. Enter Dr. Jake Reilly, who immediately recognizes one of his interviewers. No, we're not talking about Addison. Apparently, Jake used to play intramural basketball with Sam back in the day. Small world, right?

Everyone is gaga over the charming Dr. Reilly. He even gives the group some solid advice on how to handle their issues with the medical board. Sounds like a great guy, right? Wrong, according to Addison. She confides in Violet that Jake is the Fiji guy she almost ran off with at the airport. Ah.

Cooper treats a special young girl named Kerri who is battling leukemia. Her only option for survival is a cord blood transfusion. There aren't any matches in the public donor bank, so Cooper hacks into Charlotte's computer to find a match in the confidential private bank. He contacts a family who lost a son in a car accident years ago. They've been keeping his cord blood in case their other son ever needs it.

Cooper uses the cord blood without the family's consent. The father is furious, as is Charlotte. Her hubby broke the law and her trust. Coop goes on a drinking binge while shooting pool with Sam and Jake, who still hopes to get a job with these guys. Cooper says the key to getting hired is winning over Sam's girlfriend. It soon becomes clear to Jake that Addison is the girlfriend of which he speaks.


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