Season 5
Breaking the Rules
Breaking the Rules
Season 5 | Episode 502 | Aired 10/05/2011

Charlotte invites the parents who had their child's cord blood stolen to the hospital where they run into Kerri's dad. Coincidence? We think not. As you can imagine, Kerri's dad is incredibly grateful once he finds out who these people are. He invites them over to meet the little girl whose life they saved. Thanks to Charlotte, Cooper is off the hook. But she promises to call the cops on her hubby if he ever tries anything like this again.

Pete's sick of daytime television, so he's headed back to the office. Violet is returning to work, too. She can't see patients, but she can help sift through all the resumes. She can also keep an eye on Pete, who must take a slew of post-heart attack pills every day for the next year. He's not thrilled about that, or the fact that his wife has nominated herself as his personal nursemaid.

Pete is angry at Addison for turning his office into a storage unit. Sheldon wants the gang to give their friend time to work past his frustration. That may take awhile judging by the way he blows up at Violet in front of all his colleagues. At home, Violet tells Pete that she can't be his therapist, but she also can't be his punching bag. He needs help for whatever he's going through.


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