Season 5
Deal With It
Deal With It
Season 5 | Episode 503 | Aired 10/12/2011

Addison is shocked to learn that her patient, Nina, is going forward with her plans to have a child even though she doesn't have a uterus. No problem. Dr. Jake Reilly is prepared to give her the one that's being donated by her grandmother. Addison doesn't think a transplant is possible. Jake disagrees. It's a chance to make huge advances in the area of fertility. Addison is persuaded to proceed after having a chat with Nina.

Things go south during Nina's surgery. Jake and Addison do their best to get things under control. They save Nina's life, but the transplant fails. Addison tries to convince Jake that the fact the patient survived means they won. As bummed as he is, Jake is terrific when it comes to consoling his patient. He assures Nina that she's going to be a great mother no matter where the baby comes from. An impressed Addison watches the scene from afar.

As humiliated as Amelia is to be back at square one sobriety-wise, she vows at an AA meeting to not drink. At the office, her patient, Laura, has been having impulsive reactions from the meds she's taking for Parkinson's. And by that we mean she's been having sex with random men at the drop of a hat. Her hubby, Will, isn't very happy about this, especially since he now has gonorrhea.


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