Season 5
Deal With It
Deal With It
Season 5 | Episode 503 | Aired 10/12/2011

Addison tells Violet that the reason she didn't mesh with the mommies is because she has nothing in common with them. They have don't much in common with each other either, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends. Violet also wants to get started on another book. Pete's not exactly thrilled when he hears this news.

Sam clears Pete for physical activity. And by that, we mean all physical activity. He and Violet engage in an intense round of lovemaking. The problem is that Pete had a disconnected feeling the entire time. He chats with Sheldon while trying to find the source of his recent anger issues. They may stem from the days when he used to get beat up in his old foster home. Sheldon thinks Pete is scared. He's on the money. Pete admits to Violet that he's afraid he won't live long enough to raise Lucas.

Charlotte's still giving Cooper the deep freeze for the way he violated her trust. She knows she's the sheriff of the hospital, but she doesn't want to take on that role with her husband. Coop assures her that she'll never have to be the sheriff with him again. All is well until Coop hits the office the next day. A woman named Erica stops by. They had a one night stand nine years ago. She has a son. He's eight. Do the math. Cooper is a dad. Oh boy.


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