Season 5
Remember Me
Remember Me
Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 10/19/2011

Jodi is a pregnant woman who can't form new memories after having been in a car accident. This has been an incredible strain on her husband, Zach, who must keep reminding her that they are having a baby. Sadly, Zach plans to take the child and leave Jodi right after the birth. As you may have guessed, this situation leads to a wave of debates between the docs of Seaside Health and Wellness.

Violet asked Sheldon to take Zach on as a patient after she got suspended. Now she thinks he advised the guy to leave his wife. Obviously, Sheldon did no such thing. But Violet can't help but get involved in the case, even though she's not allowed. She's also dealing with all the anger Pete is still throwing her way. As far as Zach, Violet asks Addison to have a chat with him. It doesn't go well.

Jodi is rushed to the hospital. She's scared because she doesn't know what's happening to her. Addison has to keep telling her over and over that she's having a baby. Violet tries to calm her, but what she really needs is her husband. Addison tries to convince Zach to come into the room, but he can't do it.

Jodi's labor is intense. Addison needs her to calm down and push. But the patient is just so scared and confused. She screams for Zach, who comes into the room just in time. He calms Jodi by telling her the story of how they first met. It's one of the things she'll always remember. A short time later, they have a brand new baby boy. Zach tells Addison that he loves Jodi and he'll stay until he can't.


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