Season 5
Remember Me
Remember Me
Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 10/19/2011

Sheldon and Violet get into another argument about Jodi and Zach. Then Violet goes off on Pete for not being on her side. After Pete leaves, Violet confesses that it feels like her hubby hates her. Then Sheldon confesses that he actually thought it was good that she was there for Jodi when Zach wasn't. He also tells Pete to stop driving his wife away. Later, Pete mentions to Violet that he likes her hair. It's not much, but it's a start.

Cooper is still wrapping his arms around the fact that he has a son. His name is Mason. Coop has no doubt that he's the lad's dad. The kid even dips his fries in his strawberry shake, just like his pop. It's a habit that drives Charlotte bananas. She's also a little crazed because her hubby refuses to take a paternity test.

Charlotte believes Mason's mom, Erica, is a gold digger looking to score some quick cash from a vulnerable doctor. So she gives the lady what she thinks she wants. Charlotte hands Erica a check for $20,000. The money's hers as long as she stays away from them. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.


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