Season 5
Step One
Step One
Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 10/26/2011

We first met Amelia's friend, Michelle, in "Love and Lies" where she was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. She was going to kill herself until her best friend convinced her to keep enjoying life. Amelia promised that she would step in once the bad started to outweigh the good. That time has come. Michelle wants Amelia to help her die.

Sheldon can't believe Amelia is actually considering euthanizing her friend. Pete has been in this situation before. That's why Amelia asks him what exactly happens during a physician-assisted suicide. Let's just say it takes an emotional toll on you.

Amelia gave Michelle her word that she would be there for her, so she begins the process. Then something goes wrong. Michelle has an unexpected reaction to the first round of meds. She wants to stop the euthanasia. Amelia rushes her to the hospital where Pete takes over. Things don't look good.

Amelia silently, robotically leaves the hospital. Sheldon reads her the riot act for what she did, but that's only because he cares. Amelia breaks down when she finds out that her friend is still alive. She promises Michelle that they'll get through the next steps together.

Amelia is thrown a curveball when she comes home to find that Michelle has committed suicide on her own. Once again, Amelia is in a robotic state as she swallows a handful of the pills her friend left behind while washing them down with some wine.


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