Season 5
Step One
Step One
Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 10/26/2011

Wes is a young man who needs medication for heart issues as well as psychiatric problems. His mother, Karen, says her son has been spiraling downward ever since he stopped seeing Violet. Karen dismisses any suggestion of having her son committed. But when Wes has a violent episode, Sam has no choice but to order a psych hold.

After Wes is sedated, Violet watches him from afar. One of the things Pete loves about his wife is how much she cares about her patients. He's also glad that Violet is fighting hard to get her suspension lifted. As for Violet, she's just glad Pete is still able to find things he likes about her.

Karen still won't have her son committed to some depressing clinic where they'll keep him locked up and drugged. Her son is an artist. He's funny, sharp and passionate. He needs to be free. So Karen lets him go. But she's not alone. Sam is waiting to see if she needs a ride home.


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