Season 5
If I Hadn't Forgotten ...
If I Hadn't Forgotten ...
Season 5 | Episode 506 | Aired 11/02/2011

Addison has a song in her head. It goes a little something like this: "Tempted by the thrill of something new. So now I turn my lonely eyes to you. I promised you that we could have it all. You trusted me but I let you fall." Addison's therapist thinks the song may be about Derek as she moves ahead with choosing sperm donors. The theory is that sometimes moving forward makes people look back.

It's so tough to choose a sperm donor these days, so Addy asks for a consult from the men in her office. Pete, Coop and Sheldon all have various opinions as to who would make the best baby daddy donor. Jake chimes in, too. He suggests that Addison shouldn't be focusing on the sperm. Instead, she should concentrate on all the love she has to give. Nice.

Jake lets Addison know that she has four viable eggs. That's great news considering Addy thought she was an "eggless wonder." Sam comes to visit Addison after she's anesthetized. Jake believes this is all part of his "half way" approach to the whole situation.

Addison feels that if she hadn't cheated on Derek all those years ago, things would be different. Sam asks her to list all his good qualities, which she does. Then he fesses up about kissing Naomi while she was away. His point is that she can't possibly pick the perfect sperm because everyone is imperfect. Later, Addison tells her therapist the song that was in her head before isn't there anymore.


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