Season 5
The Time Has Come
The Time Has Come
Season 5 | Episode 513 | Aired 02/01/2012

Jake convinces Addison to let him drive as the two of them head off to Palms Springs. He was taught that a man pulls out a chair, opens doors and drives a woman to any stuffy medical conferences they may be attending together. Addy is still trying to get over her breakup with Sam by enjoying her fair share of bacon cheeseburgers. She knows that Jake can't really relate since he's never been dumped.

Addison doesn't feel like socializing at the medical shindig. That's why she opts to get drunk by herself in the hotel lounge. Jake, on the other hand, mingles in the ballroom before heading up to his room. Knock, knock! Someone's at the door! It's not room service. It's a totally tipsy Addison asking Jake if he'd like to have sex with her. Guess what his answer is?

Much to Addison's dismay, Jake declines her inebriated offer because she's still not over Sam. It's also partly because he saw her vagina in a medical way. Jake eases Addy's embarrassment the next morning by having a delicious bacon cheeseburger waiting for her when she wakes up. On the ride home, Jake reveals that he has been dumped before. There was that time when a beautiful doctor didn't show up for a trip to Fiji.


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