Season 5
Season 5 | Episode 516 | Aired 02/22/2012

Corinne has been preoccupied with thoughts visiting the planetarium. She admits that she's worried about letting Sam down by sliding back to her old self. Sheldon shares her concerns that there could be setbacks. Sam, however, seems unwilling to accept this. A late night incident when Corinne manically charts the stars in the sky may be a sign that Sheldon was right to be worried.

Another troubling scene at the office seems to indicate that Corinne is spiraling downward. Things go from bad to worse at home. Corinne is out of control. Sam tries to grab hold of her, but his little sis ends up crashing through a glass door. She needs to be sedated at the hospital. Sheldon tells Sam that Corinne needs more care than he can give her. He finally seems to be realizing this may be true.

Addison wants to have a follow-up chat with Jake about the conversation they started about their feelings. That's not going to happen. See, Jake has nothing more to say. But if he did, he's pretty sure Addison would tell all her friends about it. Yes, he knows that she blabbed to a few of his colleagues about their complicated relationship and he's not happy about it.

Addison wants to know why Jake asked her about her feelings in the first place. That's easy. He tells her that he could fall in love with her. But he can't do that while she's still hung up on another man. Jake says, "You're not ready for what I have to offer." Addison responds, "I could get ready." That would be nice.


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