Season 5
The Letting Go
The Letting Go
Season 5 | Episode 517 | Aired 03/14/2012

Erica is admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain. She's spitting up blood. Cooper promises Mason that he'll be honest with him once they find out what's wrong. The news is not good. Erica has developed new tumors all throughout her body. She has about a week to live. The end will be very painful. Erica doesn't want Mason to see her in pain, so they need to say goodbye to each other sooner rather than later.

Cooper and Charlotte are straight with Mason as they tell him what's in store for Erica. It's a difficult conversation. Mason knows that his mom is scared, so he puts on his bravest face when he visits her. He promises to listen to Coop, do his homework, eat his green beans and more. Erica says "I love you" repeatedly as she watches her son step out of the room.

Mason runs into Charlotte's arms. He's so happy that he didn't cry. He wanted his mom to remember him smiling and being good. Mason finally does let the tears flow out in the hall. Coop stands in the background. He's also completely choked up. This was an emotional, painful, heroic farewell between a little boy and his mom. How could anyone not be moved to tears?


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