Season 5
The Letting Go
The Letting Go
Season 5 | Episode 517 | Aired 03/14/2012

Sheldon wants to admit Corinne into a facility where she can receive round-the-clock care. Sam doesn't believe that's necessary. He tries his best to care for his little sis at home, but it's extremely difficult. Addison tries to convince Sam that he needs help. Her argument doesn't fly either. Sam promises Corinne that he will always be there for her, but fears for her safety when she says she'd rather be dead. He then questions his own ability to care for Corinne when he tries to forcibly make her take her meds. It's a scary scene.

Sam finally asks Sheldon to help him get Corinne into a care facility. The fact that it's the best thing for her doesn't make it any easier. Corinne promises to be better. She begs Sam to not give up on her. That's not what's happening here. Nevertheless, Corinne's last words to Sam before entering the facility hurt him deeply. She says, "I never should have called you." Then she's gone.

Scott comes into the ER after being badly beaten while responding to a domestic violence call. Violet helps Pete pop his dislocated shoulder back into place. The painful procedure gets the job done, but Scott's not out of the woods. He's bleeding into his belly. Thankfully, Scott pulls through. He later lets Violet know that she, Pete and Lucas are a family. He can't compete with that even if he wanted to. He encourages her to go be with her family.


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