Season 5
The Letting Go
The Letting Go
Season 5 | Episode 517 | Aired 03/14/2012

Jake's daughter, Angela, lets him know that she had sex for the first time. Not exactly the thing any dad ever wants to hear, but Angela wanted him to know how happy she feels being in love. She then grills Jake about the woman in his life. That would be Addison, and Angela would like to meet her. That's why she pops by the office to do just that.

Sheldon lets Amelia know that it's time to decide what she wants to do about her baby. It's a tough decision, as her drug use could certainly lead to complications. Amelia also doesn't want Addison to hate her after all the struggles she's been through trying for a child of her own. Ultimately, Amelia decides she wants to have Ryan's baby. She's beyond relieved to see how happy Addison is when she finally breaks the news. Aunty Addy has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


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