Season 5
It Was Inevitable
It Was Inevitable
Season 5 | Episode 518 | Aired 04/16/2012

Sheldon treats a woman named Elyse who is in prison for murdering her two children. Her husband chastises Jake for trying to help the person who killed his kids. Sheldon believes that Elyse may have had a psychotic break as a result of postpartum depression. If he testifies to this in court, there's a chance she may go free. This has Jake upset, as he's the one who helped Elyse get pregnant with the third child she's now carrying.

Elyse gives Sheldon the details of the day she took the lives of her two children. None of it is easy to hear. Sheldon believes the pain and guilt she feels now is proof that she was not rational that night. She had to have had a psychotic break. Elyse doesn't want to hear any of this. She gets upset to the point where she needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Addison lets Elyse know that they need to induce labor before she has another seizure. After the baby is born, Elyse will have a few moments with the child before being sent back to prison. The delivery goes well and Addy tells her distraught patient that she did a real good job. Elyse's husband breaks down the moment he sees his beautiful new daughter. He manages to put away his anger long enough to visit the woman he once loved with their new child.


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