Season 5
It Was Inevitable
It Was Inevitable
Season 5 | Episode 518 | Aired 04/16/2012

Addison lets Jake know that he wasn't responsible for what happened with Elyse. He's a good doctor and a good man. The two of them lean in to share a kiss that we wish would have lasted a little longer. Speaking of kissing, Violet lets Pete know that she and Scott broke up. He already knew that, but didn't let on for some reason. The two of them share a laugh when the truth comes out. Then they almost share a kiss. Almost. Later, they admit they still love each other, but they have some work to do.

There's more kissing for Addison at home with Sam. This unexpected smooch is interrupted by a phone call. Addison is needed at the hospital. It's not for another delivery though. It's to meet with the rep from the adoption agency. She lets Addy know that the mom of one of the babies she delivered earlier in the day saw her picture in the book of prospective mothers. She figured it was a sign as to who should raise her baby. After so many past disappointments, Addison Forbes Montgomery is finally a mother.


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