Season 5
And Then There Was One
And Then There Was One
Season 5 | Episode 519 | Aired 04/23/2012

Like most new moms, Addison is glowing as she shows off her new baby boy, Henry. Amelia's first ultrasound reveals that she's also having a boy. Sadly, there's a problem. We're not told what it is right away, but the news is obviously not good. We jump ahead five weeks to see that Amelia has shut down emotionally at work. She's also extremely uncomfortable whenever Addison is around with Henry.

Amelia doesn't want anything to do with Addison. She does, however, listen to Jake as he explains that her baby was dealt a bad spin of the genetic wheel. It had nothing to do with the drugs she took. Later, Amelia lets loose on Addison with a venom-filled speech about how her life has turned into a horror show. Her baby has no brain and Addison now has a healthy child. It makes her hate Addison, who retreats to find comfort with Henry.

A nine-year-old little girl is brought into the hospital with multiple stab wounds. She's in critical condition. Violet believes the girl's sister, Missy, is reacting oddly to this tragedy. It's almost as if she's "acting" upset. Amelia declares the young patient brain dead. The parents are distraught, but Missy only seems to be curious about what's going to happen next. After Violet reveals the details of her own stabbing, she sees that Missy shows signs of sociopathic behavior. She later gets the girl to admit that she stabbed her own sister.

The father of the young stabbing victim wants his daughter's life to count for something. He asks Amelia about donating organs before clutching her hand. Later, Amelia asks Jake to help her stay healthy until she delivers her baby. When that day comes, she wants to donate his organs so that they can save other babies—as many as possible. It's a sad, heroic plan. Amelia leaves a voicemail message for an out-of-town Sheldon to say that she wishes he were there.


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