Season 5
True Colors
True Colors
Season 5 | Episode 520 | Aired 04/30/2012

Addison and Pete treat a young, pregnant woman, Reina, who wants to give birth to her baby before she's deported back to El Salvador. She wants to leave her child behind where he'll grow up as a U.S. citizen. He'll have a much better chance of survival than in her old village. It happens to be a place where Pete spent a year building a clinic. Crime and other factors have pretty much destroyed all the hard work he did.

Addison induces labor as immigration agents stand guard outside Reina's door. The baby is fine once delivered. Addy buys some time with immigration by saying the patient needs to stay in the hospital a little longer. She also realizes that Reina doesn't truly want to give up her baby. Amazingly, Pete offers to go to El Salvador to help her get settled. Violet is stunned. She begs Pete to not do this. More shocks come when Reina goes missing from the hospital with her baby. Addy seems to be okay with this turn of events.


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