Season 5
Drifting Back
Drifting Back
Season 5 | Episode 521 | Aired 05/07/2012

Amelia has been sober for 8 months. She knows this because that's how long it's been since she's been pregnant. Sheldon is back from the honeymoon vacation he shared with his ex-wife. He has no idea about the situation with Amelia, who doesn't want to hear him say "I'm sorry." Sheldon tries to get info from Jake, who won't say a word. Speaking of Jake, he's concerned Amelia may be planning a slip in her sobriety. If she uses drugs, her baby won't be a viable donor.

Amelia initially freezes out Sheldon. We say, initially, because she later tries to get him to have sex with her. She wants a moment of escape from all that's happening to her. To help Amelia deal with her current urge to use, Jake tells her the story about how he found his wife dead of an overdose on the bathroom floor. He wanted to die, too. But he chose to stay alive for his daughter. Amelia can also choose to live. If she doesn't, everyone who loves her will feel like dying, too.


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