Season 5
Drifting Back
Drifting Back
Season 5 | Episode 521 | Aired 05/07/2012

Rich is a patient who has been having impure thoughts about his daughter, Whitney. Amelia believes the patient's inability to control his impulses is related to a lesion on his brain. She can remove it. This would hopefully return him to the good husband and father he'd always been. After the operation, Rich vows to his daughter that he will spend the rest of his days trying to earn back her trust. Violet will be there to help Whitney deal with this as Sheldon continues to work with her dad.

Jake has been having trouble dealing with the fact that Sam has been stepping up on the baby front to help out with Henry. He's also been opening up emotionally to Addy, who doesn't want him to tease her. As for Jake, he's not used to coworkers being so emotionally invested in each other. He gets it with this place though and he's fine with it. We're assuming that he's also fine with the fact that Addison takes a seat on his lap to give him a long, passionate kiss.


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