Season 5
Gone, Baby, Gone
Gone, Baby, Gone
Season 5 | Episode 522 | Aired 05/14/2012

Jake admits Amelia into the hospital after she goes into labor. He then lets his colleagues know that she intends to donate all of her baby's organs. This sparks a debate between everyone regarding the ethical dilemma in play here. There can't be a declaration of brain death in a baby that has no brain. If they wait for the baby to die naturally, the organs will no longer be viable.

Amelia is adamant that she not be given pain medication of any kind. She lets Sheldon know that she's having a "unicorn baby" before kicking him out of her hospital room. In other news, Jake needs Sam's help to harvest the baby's heart and lungs. That's not going to happen anytime soon. Sam doesn't believe in what Amelia is doing. He's also a little ticked about the fact that he caught Jake making out with Addison, who can't convince him to change his mind.

The hospital lawyers may put the kibosh on the transplant procedure, but Charlotte promises to fight them on the issue. Sam explains why he won't do the harvest to Amelia. She understands that what she's asking him to do is unimaginable. But she's asking him anyway because she did some research on all the children that her baby can save. Amelia believes that if she can see good of this, he should be able to as well.


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