Season 5
Gone, Baby, Gone
Gone, Baby, Gone
Season 5 | Episode 522 | Aired 05/14/2012

The hospital lawyers say no to the harvesting of organs, but Charlotte says they're going to do it anyway. Amelia is in extreme pain. Addison can't wait on the sidelines any longer. She bursts into the room to support her friend. Amelia lets her know that she's calling her child a unicorn baby. Addy knows exactly what this means. After the baby is born, Amelia asks to hold him. She's not ready to give him up, but heroically finds the strength to allow the transplant team to do their thing. Amelia lets her baby know that his father is waiting for him so he won't be lonely.

The transplant team harvests the baby's organs to send them off to all different parts of the country. Sam is there to do the lungs and heart. Addison later explains to Jake the meaning behind the unicorn baby. When Amelia was 12, she was obsessed with unicorns because they were magical and could do great things. Her baby is doing this now for so many different families. Addison breaks down. Jake takes her in his arms as they finally give in to their passion.

Mason is upset because there was a Mother's Day luncheon at his school. Charlotte wishes there was a way she could take away his pain. Mason lets Charlotte know that he doesn't really know what to call her. He already has a mom. Charlotte assures him that she's not trying to take her place, but she is willing to step in when he needs her. Mason suggests that he call Charlotte "mama" just like she did to her mom. That'll work.


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