Season 6
Mourning Sickness
Mourning Sickness
Season 6 | Episode 602 | Aired 10/01/2012

One of Pete's wishes upon his death was to not have a lavish funeral. Instead, he asks for a party in the form of a Balinese sendoff complete with laughter, dancing and singing to celebrate his life. Addison hosts the bash at her place, as Violet has put her house up for sale. There's a karaoke machine in the corner, but no one is quite drunk enough to kick of the musical portion of the party just yet.

Various guests pay their respects while recalling all the ways Pete helped them. Violet politely smiles as another guest cries in the background during each anecdote. All these stories ultimately get to be too much, so Violet escapes to the patio area to share a bag of chips with Mason. If anyone understands the lousy feeling that comes with losing someone you love it's this kid. Mason's words seem to help Violet a bit. The chips are good, too.

Cooper is caught off guard when Violet asks if he would be guardian to Lucas should anything happen to her. He believes this is going to be a tough sell to Charlotte, who is not exactly thrilled about the prospect of have a litter of babies now that she's carrying triplets. As for Violet, she retreats to the upstairs bathroom to make use of some marijuana Sam found in Pete's jacket pocket. Well, her hubby did say he wanted folks to party.

Violet gets high while stretching out in a waterless tub. An equally-baked Cooper joins her in the big, white, porcelain lounge area while a ganja-free Addison orders pizzas. Sam and Jake follow the cheesy treats up the stairs. Soon everyone is hanging out in the bathroom reminiscing about Pete while the rest of the guests mourn downstairs.


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