Season 6
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Season 6 | Episode 605 | Aired 11/12/2012

It's a Sam-centric episode. Actually, it could be a Sam-centric television series as our favorite heart surgeon is the focus of a reality TV pilot. A production crew follows him everywhere documenting his day-to-day activities. Sheldon stiffens up whenever he's on camera and Violet is caught crying in Pete's old office. Cooper is impressed that the producer also shot a documentary about a meningitis epidemic and Charlotte vows to use the camera as a shot put if the crew gets in anyone's way. She's such a natural on TV.

Sam's mom, Dee (guest star Alfre Woodard), is in town with two old family friends. Raymond (guest star Richard Roundtree) is Dee's longtime boss. The guy is having serious heart issues. His wife, Jillian (guest star L. Scott Caldwell of LOST fame), is by his side as Sam lets them know they need to run some more tests. At the hospital, the camera crew catches Dee kissing Raymond in his room. A few moments later, Sam also catches them in the act. It makes for great reality television, but it's not a great reality for Sam.

Sam has it out with his mom during dinner about her longtime secret lover. The conversation does not go well. Sam struggles to control his emotions while watching Dee, Raymond and Jillian laugh it up at a barbecue he hosts. Party guest Addison says Sam's mom never liked her and her steady date Jake wonders why his pal opted to do the reality TV thing. These issues get put on hold when Raymond collapses and is rushed to the hospital.


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