Season 6
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The Next Episode
Season 6 | Episode 605 | Aired 11/12/2012

Raymond is revived and rushed into surgery. Sam later lets the TV crew know that they removed obstructions to Raymond's heart, but the patient isn't out of the woods. Raymond needs a new lung. They need a partial donor transplant until one becomes available. The match would have to be from a family member, but Raymond doesn't have any children. Actually, that's not quite accurate. Jillian drops the bombshell that she knows about her husband's 40-year affair with Dee. She also knows that Sam is actually Raymond's son.

Sam is understandably angry. He has another blowout argument with his mom. He also trashes one of the cameras when the TV crew won't get out of his face. After a heart-to-heart with Addison, Sam has a calmer discussion with his mother. Dee lets him know that Raymond is the one who gave him his first toy stethoscope when he was a kid. Now Sam must decide if he wants to give his dad part of his lung.

The TV crew shoots footage of the vigil for Sarah, the little girl who went missing in "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone." New ER doc James is shooting Sheldon dirty looks because he knows he's been treating a patient who has urges for young girls. He also lets camera shy Amelia know that she's wrong about the preconceptions she has about him. Speaking of Amelia, she signs a waiver so she can speak on camera to let the world know that Sam's reputation doesn't need to suffer because he was blindsided by all this family drama.


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