Season 6
Apron Strings
Apron Strings
Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 11/19/2012

Addison lets the mediator know that she wants to settle in the wrongful birth suit, but Shawn has a change of heart. She doesn't want Gwen to ever think that she didn't want her. She knows Addison didn't do anything wrong. Shawn doesn't want her money, but she may get it regardless. Charlotte learns the hospital has received a substantial mystery endowment to hire a social worker. This news came about an hour after Addison sent her Shawn's resume detailing her experience in that field. Talk about uncanny timing.

In random news, Sam is still awaiting word on the TV pilot he shot in "The Next Episode." Amelia seems to be looking at James a little differently after seeing how much he cared for Vivian. Charlotte asks Mason to ease up all the questions he's asking his dad about being adopted. Cooper is, admittedly, curious about where he came from. Still, he doesn't feel the need to seek out his birth mom. He believes a family is made of love, not blood.

Speaking of families, Addison makes good on her promise to deliver Vivian's letter to her grateful daughter. She returns home to find Jake and Henry hanging out eating pizza. Well, Jake is having pizza. Henry is just listening to him explain how golf is not a real sport. Addison looks lovingly at the two men in her life. She tells Jake that she loves him. He's the last man she ever wants to say that to. That's why she says they should get married.


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