Season 6
Life Support
Life Support
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 12/03/2012

It's the world according to Cooper in an episode told primarily from his point of view. Things begin with a morning where he makes his wife breakfast in bed. This is something he's been doing a lot lately just to get Charlotte to eat. This morning, however, something unexpected happens. Charlotte's water breaks. This is not the best news regarding the babies, as their mom is only at 26 weeks.

Flashbacks have us jumping back to the day Charlotte let her hubby know she was pregnant with triplets. We see how Cooper blabbed the news to most of his colleagues before her grand announcement in the office kitchen. Addison details options for the high-risk pregnancy. Charlotte rejects the idea of selective reduction. They already told Mason he's having three siblings. Cooper says, "Then Mason's having three siblings."

After Charlotte unleashes some wrath on a baby store saleslady, Cooper and Mason try to hug away her grouchiness. It works for the moment, but the negativity quickly returns. Charlotte makes clear that she doesn't want a baby shower, but she will allow Amelia to buy her lots of new stuff. As for Cooper, he's thrilled when an ultrasound reveals that they are having three girls!


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