Season 6
Life Support
Life Support
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 12/03/2012

In present day, Charlotte is rushed into surgery. Addison has to deliver one baby right away. They make the decision to keep the other babies inside. Addison stitches up Charlotte's cervix to delay the rest of the labor for a few more weeks. There are serious risks for both mother and daughters, but Coop knows it's their best option. Sam places some mesh over the delivered baby's heart to help her get stronger. It's a difficult procedure, but the infant pulls through.

Cooper wants more time. He's not ready for all this. Then he is. It's time for him to step up and do his job as a dad and husband. The delivered baby doesn't have a name yet, but the one thing she does have is a loving family. Cooper isn't taking any chances with the religion thing, so he pours some holy water over the baby's incubation container.

Mason comes by to meet his new little sister. She has a tough fight ahead of her, but as mentioned earlier, her dad will be beside her every step of the way. As for Charlotte, Addison has put her in a position that risks headaches and blood clots. She's in for a rough time, too. Cooper knows it's time for him to be the strong one. He lets Charlotte know that their daughter is alive. He then strokes his wife's hair and holds her hand.


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