Season 6
I'm Fine
I'm Fine
Season 6 | Episode 609 | Aired 12/10/2012

This one is all about Sheldon. He's been keeping the fact that he has prostate cancer a secret from his colleagues. We jump back in time to see that he spills the news to his ex-wife, Laura, as they've been meeting for a romantic rendezvous every so often. Whatever relationship they were trying to rekindle is now gone. Later, Sheldon heads over to the hospital which is abuzz with activity. We're witnessing the night Sarah, the young girl we met in "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone," went missing.

Sheldon has a brief encounter with a woman at a candy machine the night Sarah disappeared. It's nothing he would likely remember 37 days later at a session with his therapist, Diane (guest star Kathy Baker). Sheldon has a lot on his mind like the fact that he believes his troubled patient, Nick, may have snatched up Sarah. Then there's the cancer. No one knows he's being treated except for the woman his sits with in the waiting room. It's the same lady he met at the vending machine awhile back.

Sheldon's patient, Nick, starts seeing him again. The guy says he's been controlling his urges for young girls. His new friend, Alyssa, has been helping him in this area. He hopes their relationship will become romantic at some point. Sheldon has no choice but to ask how old this girl is. Two weeks later, he lets his therapist know that he's concerned because Nick hesitated before saying his new friend is 25. Sheldon suspects that Alyssa may, in fact, be Sarah.


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