Season 6
I'm Fine
I'm Fine
Season 6 | Episode 609 | Aired 12/10/2012

Sheldon realizes the woman he's been chatting with in the chemotherapy waiting room is the same person he met at the vending machine. Her name is Miranda (guest star Diane Farr) and she's not interested in bonding with any fellow cancer patients. Sheldon agrees to her rules of nothing more than chitchat whenever they are together. This is easier said than done, as Sheldon can be quite charming. Miranda can't help but be drawn to him. She eventually lets her chitchat pal know that her cancer has spread to her brain.

Sheldon almost lets Charlotte in on his cancer secret, but opts to keep her in the dark. He also blows off Miranda when she hints at wanting to have lunch with him. Sheldon lets his therapist know that he likes this woman, but he's afraid to take the next step. Then one day he shows up for his treatment and Miranda isn't in the waiting room. Disappointment and regret engulf his face.

James reveals that arrest has been made in Sarah's kidnapping case. However, the little girl remains missing. Sheldon notices a change in Nick when he speaks of ending things with Alyssa. He lets his police pal, Joe, know that they may have the wrong man in custody. Unfortunately, there's no probable cause to investigate Nick. Sheldon takes matters into his own hands. He makes sure Nick meets him at the office at the same time as Sarah's parents show up for a session with Violet.


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