Season 6
I'm Fine
I'm Fine
Season 6 | Episode 609 | Aired 12/10/2012

As Violet tries to help Sarah's parents deal with the agonizing emotions they are still feeling about their missing daughter, Nick says he believes Sarah is still alive in another room. Sheldon pushes him for details about Alyssa. He believes this person he speaks of is actually Sarah. A nervous Nick tries to flee the office, but two cops are waiting for him in the lobby. Sheldon orders him to be committed. He then lies to Joe by saying Nick confessed to taking Sarah. That's probable cause.

The cops break into Nick's place. They find a hidden room in the basement. A frightened Sarah is hiding under the bed. Sheldon assures her that she's safe now. He lets her hold onto his hand. Sheldon sings her a song to help pass the time. He has "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on his mind thanks to an earlier conversation with Miranda. After so many days of searching, Sarah's parents are finally reunited with their little girl. This joyous moment wouldn't have been possible if not for the heroic actions of Dr. Sheldon Wallace.

Sheldon is glad that Sarah has been found, but he's upset with himself for not figuring things out sooner. It took three months to find a little girl who was being held less than a mile away. Sheldon realizes that time is a valuable commodity, so he doesn't waste any with Miranda. He plants a long, passionate kiss on her. He wants to be with her. Miranda reminds him that she's dying. Sheldon responds, "Not today." This leads to another long, sweet kiss smack dab in the middle of the waiting room.


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