Season 6
Good Fries Are Hard to Come By
Good Fries Are Hard to Come By
Season 6 | Episode 611 | Aired 01/07/2013

Amelia Shepherd is 407 days sober. We jump back four months to see her announce this milestone to her AA group. It's during this time that her colleagues push her to get back into the social scene. She has a string of bad dinner dates with men who have supposedly been vetted by her friends. If this is true, they did a terrible job. Of course, there is one guy who continues to pique Amelia's interest.

ER doc James hasn't been shy about showing his interest in Amelia. Their relationship has been primarily professional so far. They work together to determine why an aspiring actress named Faye had a seizure during her latest audition. Amelia manages to stabilize her when she seizes again in the hospital. James asks that she keep him in the loop regarding Faye's condition. He also mentions that it's Friday. That means he'll be at his usual stomping ground that evening enjoying some really, really good fries.

After Amelia sees a commercial on TV for some really, really good fries, she takes it as a sign to see James. They have a really, really good time, but Amelia is confused when things end with an innocent good night hug. She's not the type of girl who sits around trying to un-mix mixed messages. She's the one who usually mixes the messages. James has her completely off her game. She tries to play hard to get, but that doesn't fly. They have another lovely dinner date, but this time Amelia doesn't even get a hug. James is totally toying with her.


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