Season 6
Good Fries Are Hard to Come By
Good Fries Are Hard to Come By
Season 6 | Episode 611 | Aired 01/07/2013

Amelia is happy with James. She even manages to get past the fact that he's a Republican. Of course, nothing can derail a good thing like that moment when it comes time to meet the parents. Amelia is completely put off by the fact that James feels the need to answer for her when his mom gets a little critical about her life. She is so furious that she storms out of her own apartment leaving James behind.

Faye is rushed into the hospital after suffering another seizure. This forces Amelia back to working the case with James, who says that he loves her. This declaration leads to a breakthrough in Faye's case. Amelia realizes there's a problem with her heart that's leading to the issues with her brain. Sam congratulates her on the life-saving catch. Later, Amelia realizes that no matter how much we may know, we still have to go with instinct every now and then. That's why she tells James that she loves him, too.


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