Season 6
Full Release
Full Release
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 01/14/2013

The remaining two Cooplets are coming very, very soon. Not soon enough for Charlotte and those in the vicinity of her pre-labor wrath. Everyone takes turns visiting baby Georgia because her mom and dad are a little busy preparing for the arrival of her sisters. There's still time before they arrive, so the docs of Seaside Wellness do their best to press on with their busy, daily lives.

Addison is excited to head off to court where she'll officially become Henry's mother. The hearing is supposed to be a formality. That's why it's so distressing when the judge says he needs more time to review her case. It's all because of Jake. Mildred the social worker has reservations about him because of his past arrest and the recent dust-up with his daughter's much older boyfriend. There's a chance Addison may lose Henry.

Violet meets a handsome book store owner named Charles. The guy has read her memoir five times. Violet is charmed by Charles until he asks about Pete. She later bursts into tears when she catches Sam making out with Stephanie. Violet feels like she's done with all the things that are supposed to be the best moments of life. Sam assures her that she's not done. She's a work in progress. She's unfinished. When Violet sees Charles again, she turns down his request for a date but does thank him. Because of him, she's decided to write another book.


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