Season 6
Full Release
Full Release
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 01/14/2013

Amelia lets James know that as scared as she is to have a baby, she wants lots of them because it's a miracle. In other news, Jake learns that he's the reason for the holdup with Henry's adoption. He goes to the judge to explain his past actions. He ends the meeting by saying he'll leave Addison. He'll walk away from the woman he loves if that's what it takes for Henry to be with his mom.

With all three Cooplets finally in the same room, Mason names #2 Caroline. Cooper dubs #3 Rachel just before his phone beeps. He can't control his enthusiasm as he reads the message. They got the house! As for Addison, she fears the judge is going to make her choose between Jake and Henry. She says, "If that happens, there is no choice." She's right. Jake wants to know when Addy wants to get married. His talk with the judge, who happens to have four daughters, did the trick. It's official. Addison is Henry's mom! And soon she'll be Jake's wife.


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