Season 6
In Which We Say Goodbye
In Which We Say Goodbye
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 01/21/2013

Addison promises Naomi that she won't tell Sam about the baby. She does, however, mention that his ex-wife is still in love with him. This has Sam realizing that he's not in love with Stephanie. So, he gives her "the speech." Actually, it's only part of the speech. Stephanie walks out because she knows where this is heading. She says the next time Sam wants a second chance with a woman, he better mean it.

Holly is a young woman who lost her parents and boyfriend in a car crash. She's been in therapy for six years to help deal with the guilt she has for surviving. Violet feels she's ready to face life on her own. Her patient feels differently. That's why this talented cook wants to ditch an opportunity to go to Le Cordon Bleu. Violet convinces her that anything worth having is scary, but also worth the fight. So, Holly is off to Paris.

Miranda collapses in the office. Sheldon realizes that she's really dying now. Miranda knows this, too. That's why she pushes Sheldon away. She doesn't want him suffer through all the indignities that are in the last leg of a really long, painful journey. Sheldon is devastated.

Cooper believes his three new babies are conspiring against him. As soon as he changes one diaper, another one goes poo-poo just to drive him crazy. Cooper insists that they hire a nanny before his psychosis drives him to, one day, have an affair with another mom who has a kid on the same feeding schedule. The man has a solid argument.


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