• Step One
    Season 5 | Episode 505 | Aired 10/26/2011
    Addison begins treatments for in-vitro fertilization; a sick friend asks Amelia to help her commit suicide. Full Episode Details »
  • Remember Me
    Season 5 | Episode 504 | Aired 10/19/2011
    A woman from Cooper's past visits the practice; a pregnant woman experiences severe memory loss after a car accident; Violet and Sheldon argue. Full Episode Details »
  • Deal With It
    Season 5 | Episode 503 | Aired 10/12/2011
    A woman without a uterus asks Jake and Addison to help her have a baby; Amelia treats a woman with Parkinson's disease who is habitually unfaithful. Full Episode Details »
  • Breaking the Rules
    Season 5 | Episode 502 | Aired 10/05/2011
    While interviewing potential replacements for Naomi, the doctors at Oceanside Wellness don't understand Addison's resistance to hiring Jake Reilly. Full Episode Details »
  • God Laughs
    Season 5 | Episode 501 | Aired 09/28/2011
    Cooper, Sam, Amelia and Charlotte try to save Pete's life after his heart attack; Addison's desire to have a child leads to a surprising encounter. Full Episode Details »

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