• Aftershock
    Season 6 | Episode 601 | Aired 09/24/2012
    Addison enjoys her burgeoning romance; Violet is worried when Pete doesn't show up to his preliminary court hearing; Charlotte shares a secret with Cooper; Sheldon and his ex-wife rekindle their romance. Full Episode Details »
  • Mourning Sickness
    Season 6 | Episode 602 | Aired 10/01/2012
    The doctors reminisce during a celebration at Addison's house; Sheldon counsels a suicidal patient who makes a shocking confession. Full Episode Details »
  • Good Grief
    Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 10/08/2012
    Violet looks to Sheldon for advice after a patient makes a chilling confession; Addison tries to hide her grief; Cooper and Charlotte adjust to their new life. Full Episode Details »
  • You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone
    Season 6 | Episode 604 | Aired 10/22/2012
    A new doctor starts at Saint Ambrose and Addison and Jake butt heads over one of his patients. Full Episode Details »
  • The Next Episode
    Season 6 | Episode 605 | Aired 11/12/2012
    A reality show focused on Sam sheds light on issues in his colleagues' personal lives and Sam's mother's asks him for help. Full Episode Details »
  • Apron Strings
    Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 11/19/2012
    Addison's role as a parent is challenged when Henry's biological mother asks to be involved in his life; Addison's mentor shares a difficult secret. Full Episode Details »

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