Quantico Sneak Peek Season 1 Episode 5: Alex Takes Shelby Hostage

By Aaron Welsh | Oct 18th, 2015

How much did you love the last episode of Quantico?!?! Is the wait for the next episode just killing you? Well, we got something to tide you over until Sunday. Check out this scene from episode 5, "Found."

Watch the Quantico Sneak Peek from Episode 5  
In episode 4, the recruits are tasked with performing a hostage rescue training exercise that shakes Alex, making her question her ability and whether she should quit Quantico. While in the future, Alex continues to search for clues, finding one that questions the innocence of one of her closest classmates. But is her clue really what she thinks? No one is who they seem.

In this sneak peek, Alex says the only piece of evidence (the wire) points to Shelby’s guilt. Shelby, on the other hand, says it could point to anybody because of its military origins. Either way, Alex is taking Shelby hostage because she needs her as leverage. Be the first to see the all-new season 1 episode 5 sneak peek of Quantico’s next episode “Found,” airing SUNDAY OCT 25 10|9c on ABC.


Quantico Sneak Peek Episode 5: Alex Takes Shelby Hostage|Only an innocent person would need leverage, and Shelby is Alex's.|Only an innocent person would need leverage, and Shelby is Alex's. Be the first to see what happens in this season 1 episode 5 sneak peek of Quantico's next episode "Found," airing SUNDAY OCT 25 10|9c on ABC.

Alex: You need to turn yourself in Shelby! The only real piece of evidence points to you.



About Found:
The trainees leave campus for the first time while undergoing their first undercover assignment. With an evening full of unpredictable events, Alex and Ryan find themselves getting close while the recruits’ skills are tested. In the future, Alex decides to tell her side of the story and sits down for her first public interview leaving everyone watching to wonder who is really telling the truth.

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