Comic-Con Scoop on Season 2 of Resurrection

By Erica Brown Jul 25, 2014

The executive producers and cast of Resurrection discussed the upcoming season today at Comic-Con 2014 -- and they revealed some major things that are about to happen in Arcadia. Ready for some Season 2 spoilers? Here we go!

  • Season 2 will begin a week after Season 1 left off -- and it will have a darker vibe.
  • Bellamy will spend a lot of time investigating his past.
  • Rachael's pregnancy plays a huge part in Season 2.
  • Margaret Langston (Jacob's grandmother, who will be played by Michelle Fairley from Game of Thrones!) will be younger than her son Henry when she makes her return. (For more information on this new character, click here.)
  • Bellamy is going to be getting a new boss, who is described as an elegant woman.
  • There is an unexpected consequence as a result of the mass return at the end of Season 1...

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Don't miss the season premiere on Sunday, September 28 at 9|8c! And for must-see highlights from Season 1, check out the clips below.

Henry & Lucille's Deceased Son Returns... Alive

Jacob's Return|32 years after his death, Jacob Langston returns to his parents.|Lucille and Henry Langston are understandably shocked when their son Jacob returns to Arcadia -- 32 years after his death. Watch this scene from Resurrection Episode 101: Resurrection.

 Rachael Discovers She's Pregnant!

Rachael Is Pregnant!|Watch as Maggie gives Rachael the shocking news.|Maggie gives Rachael an exam after Tom tells her she returned like Caleb and Jacob. But the results are shocking when Maggie learns that Rachael is pregnant. It must have happened before she died. Rachael pleads with her not to tell anyone. Watch this scene from Resurrection Episode 105: Insomnia.

 Bellamy and Jacob Are Trapped in the Season 1 Finale

Bellamy and Jacob Are Trapped!|Watch the last scene of the season finale here.|Bellamy is in the process of trying to get Jacob out of Arcadia when they are cornered out of nowhere. As they are caught, we see a mysterious birthmark on Agent Bellamy's neck. Watch this scene from the season finale of Resurrection: Episode 108 - Torn Apart.