Resurrection Rewind: Schemes of the Devil

By Erica Brown Apr 28, 2014

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Resurrection Rewind for Episode 107: Schemes of the Devil. Here you'll find highlights, recaps and a must-see preview. But be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Rachael Dies in Tom's Arms: Pastor Tom, Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Fred all arrive on the scene to try and help Rachael, who is being held at gunpoint by Gary. But things take a tragic turn when the gun goes off and Rachael dies in Tom's arms. Watch this heartbreaking scene below.

Jacob Runs Away: Jacob is upset when his parents won't let him go to the park to see his new friend Jenny. Henry believes his son is simply throwing a temper tantrum, but he and Lucille soon discover Jacob is missing. Has he disappeared like Caleb? Nope, he’s just run away to go back to the park on his own. His parents are frantic, but eventually track him down. Jacob explains he promised he’d help Jenny’s family -- because they’re just like him.

Barbara Is Back!: When Maggie and Fred learn that deceased loved ones are returning all around Arcadia, they both rush home in hopes to find Barbara among the living. They're devastated when she's not there. But Maggie soon makes a shocking discovery...

Rachael Returns...Again!: Bellamy is having a conversation with Maggie about her future (and his past) when he notices something in the road. He's stunned when he sees that it's Rachael -- especially considering he had just watched her die.

Sneak Peek of the Week: Dying to see the next episode of Resurrection? You’re not alone. Hopefully this sneak preview for Sunday will get you ready for the can't-miss season finale!

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