Resurrection Season Finale Rewind: Torn Apart

By Erica Brown May 05, 2014

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Resurrection Rewind for Episode 108: Torn Apart. Here you'll find highlights and recaps from the jaw-dropping season finale. But be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Maggie Reunites with Her Mom: Maggie's reunion with a very much alive Barbara doesn't quite go as planned. She discovers that her mom has been back a week! She woke up a few towns over and then went to Sam's instead of back to her home. A heartbroken Maggie confronts Barbara about the past -- then demands she tell Fred she's returned. Watch the scene below.

Fred Sees Barbara for the First Time: Following her daughter's request, Barbara goes to see her husband. Fred is elated to find his wife alive and well. But Barbara explains that though she may be back, it's over between them. Watch this heartbreaking scene below.

Bellamy Takes Jacob from the Langstons: After seeing Barbara, Fred is convinced all of the people who have returned to Arcadia are dangerous and not truly who they say they are. He wants all of them confined. Now that Fred is conspiring against the resurrected, Jacob is in danger. Lucille and Fred think the only way their son can remain safe is if Bellamy takes him far from town.

Lucille Slaps Fred: Sheriff Fred shows up moments after Jacob flees. He wants the boy captured, but tells his brother and Lucille that he's only trying to protect them. The little boy that returned isn't their Jacob. Watch the scene below to see Lucille give her brother-in-law a piece of her mind!

Bellamy and Jacob Are Trapped!: Bellamy is in the process of trying to get Jacob out of Arcadia when they are surrounded on the ground by military vehicles and a chopper zooms in from above. As they are caught, we see a mysterious birthmark on Agent Bellamy's neck...

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