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This is not a story about forgiveness; Revenge is a show about retribution. Meet Emily Thorne, the newest resident of The Hamptons. When she was a little girl (and known as Amanda Clarke) her father, David Clarke, was framed for a horrific crime and subsequently sent to prison. While serving his time, the conspirators plotted and murdered David in order to prevent the truth from coming out. Emily is now back with a new identity and ready to take vengeance on the people that murdered her father and stole her childhood.  

Central to all the conspirators are Victoria and Conrad Grayson. Conrad is CEO of Grayson Global, David’s old employer, and Victoria is Conrad’s wife (David’s old lover to boot). At first we believe these two power players are the masterminds of the cover up, but we soon realize that they are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Emily’s friend, Nolan Ross, is there to aid Emily in her plans. Most notably, Nolan provides assistance to Emily is the areas of electronic surveillance and espionage and keeps Emily’s childhood friend, Jack Porter, out of harm’s way. Nothing will stop Emily’s pursuit of justice and no one is off limits.

Season 1: Emily Thorne rents the Hamptons home she lived in when she was known as Amanda Clarke. Her father was framed as being a terrorist by the woman he loved—Victoria Grayson. Emily begins her plan of revenge by exposing an affair by Victoria’s husband, Conrad. She also gets engaged to Victoria’s son, Daniel. Emily is loaded, as she owns 49% of a billion dollar company started by computer genius Nolan Ross. A young Jack Porter promised to take care of her dog, Sammy, when she was ripped away from her childhood. Emily cares for Jack but can’t let him know that she’s the little girl he used to play with on the beach. This is especially true when woman she asked to pose as Amanda Clarke becomes pregnant with his baby. As for Victoria, she cuts a deal with the government to destroy Conrad. The government plane she was taking explodes shortly after takeoff. This incredible event had everyone wondering what life will be like in The Hamptons without its queen. For detailed recaps please visit Revenge’s Season 1 Episode Guide.

Season 2: Victoria Grayson never got on the plane that was bombed. Emily continues to weave her way into the Grayson family, while dealing with the return of her mother as well as a former lover, Aiden Mathis. Jack Porter marries Amanda and then tragedy strikes. Amanda dies in an explosion at sea leaving a devastated Jack to care for their child. He also embarks on his own plan of revenge against the Graysons, who are also facing retribution from a dangerous group known as the Initiative as Conrad makes a run for governor. When tragedy strikes again for Jack, Emily has no choice but to tell him the truth. She’s Amanda Clarke. For detailed recaps please visit Revenge’s Season 2 Episode Guide.

Season 3: Emily continues with her plan to marry Daniel Grayson, who begins work with past acquaintance Margaux LeMarchal to launch Voulez magazine. Victoria enjoys the return of her long lost son, Patrick, who engages in a relationship with Nolan. Jack begins a romance with Margaux while Emily and Aiden continue navigate many obstacles. Daniel shoots Emily on their wedding night, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving him. She learns that a key conspirator against her dad was Margaux’s father, Pascal, who dies at the hands of Conrad, who is eventually exposed. His punishment is sealed when he fatally learns that the man he framed so many years ago is still alive. Aiden is murdered by Victoria, who is locked up in a mental institution unable to make anyone believe that her nemesis, Emily Thorne, is really Amanda Clarke.  For detailed recaps please visit Revenge’s Season 3 Episode Guide.