Conrad Grayson

Played by Henry Czerny


Conrad Grayson, founder and CEO of Grayson Global, is the powerful patriarch of the Grayson family, and someone who will stop at nothing to maintain both of those positions. Even if that means taking down an innocent man to protect his name, his family, and his company… something Emily Thorne knows all too well. Last summer, we saw Conrad’s volatile relationship with Victoria and the constant concern of whether he can trust his own children consume him.

Conrad was barely holding on to the company he built while trying his best not to let the past come back to haunt him. If only he knew that the past was living right down the beach, and she was in bed – literally – with his son. But Emily Thorne wasn’t Conrad’s only problem during what should have been a fun-filled summer in his Hamptons’ palace: Victoria sought out to destroy her husband, after learning that not only was Conrad sleeping with her best friend Lydia, but that he was the one who ordered David Clarke’s murder back in 2002. And not only that, Conrad discovered that his daughter Charlotte was not his, but rather conceived by Victoria and David Clarke. Even Daniel, being groomed to take Conrad’s place one day, is cause for concern. As a result, Conrad is a man who has learned to trust nothing or no one – except maybe a stiff drink – and he’ll do anything to preserve his freedom, his wealth, and his power.



Henry Czerny, known for starring opposite Harrison Ford in Clear and Present Danger and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, was most recently seen opposite Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson in The A-Team.

Czerny showed his comedic side in the zombie indie film Fido, opposite Carrie-Anne Moss, and in The Pink Panther, with Steve Martin.

Having a dozen Best Actor awards under his belt, Czerny's role in Revenge is his first ongoing series following the first season of Showtime's The Tudors.

HOMETOWN Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BIRTHDATE February 8