Daniel Grayson

Played by Josh Bowman


Daniel Grayson spent years trying hard to break free from his father’s shadow, while also trying to forget about the “girl next door”. Both weren’t easy for the young man.

Daniel’s life embodies all that comes with being the firstborn of a wealthy family – high expectations to succeed, partnered with a penchant for getting into any and all trouble his family can buy his way out of. Daniel has a good heart, but he lacks the confidence to stand up for himself. Meeting Emily Thorne  was a revelation for him; she was everything he ever wanted. But Emily was out to destroy his family, and Daniel’s heart got in the way.

Daniel and Emily become engaged despite Victoria’s disgust. After Emily fakes a pregnancy, Daniel shoots her in the stomach on their wedding day. He eventually moved on, dating his old friend Margaux LeMarchal. With his family fortune now gone, Daniel now works as an independent financial advisor. 


Josh Bowman’s film credits include roles in So Undercover, The Last Keepers, Love’s Kitchen, 13 Hours, Exteriors and Prowl.

On the small screen he has played recurring roles on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It and on the UK’s BBC series, Holby City.

Bowman’s work on the stage includes Butterflies Are Free and This Is Our Youth, for the Lee Strasberg Institute.

HOMETOWN Berkshire, England