Aiden Mathis

By Aaron Welsh Nov 26, 2012

Background: Aiden Mathis is a mystery man from Emily's past. He first met Emily in a bar in 2006 while she was on a mission for Takeda. Aiden was a bartender who was scoping out the local Russian mob. He believed that Dmitri Lvovsky and his cronies were the ones responsible for his sister’s disappearance and he wanted revenge. Aiden’s first attempt to kill Dmitri Lvovsky failed because Emily interfered. As Dmitri’s men were marching Aiden through the club on the way to his demise, Takeda jumped into action and killed one of the mobster’s men. This created enough chaos for Aiden to break free, grab a gun, and run after Dmitri. Aiden confronted and killed him in the alley after he made a snide remark about Colleen, Aiden’s sister. Realizing there were things he still needed to learn, Aiden became Takeda’s student.

Season Two: Takeda sent Aiden to the Hamptons because he believed Emily might not have the courage to see her plan through. Emily thought that Aiden and Takeda were interfering with her plans. Aiden was constantly in Emily’s shadow; doing things for her she may or may not know about. Aiden shot and killed Gordon Murphy, a.k.a. the white-haired man, after he attacked Emily and tried to cut her throat. Aiden also investigated Emily’s past. This led him Kara Wallace, Emily’s mother. She was alive, managing a remote motel, and married to Gordon Murphy.

Aiden also acted as Takeda’s proxy on the board of Grayson Global. He was tasked to destabilize the company from the inside. Aiden clued in Daniel about David Clarke’s investment in NolCorp was Grayson Global’s potential ownership of Nolan’s company. At the behest of Emily, Nolan gave Aiden the check David Clarke wrote him to give to Daniel in order cement his takeover of his father’s company.

In a series of flashbacks, it was discovered that Emily and Aiden were lovers while they were both in revenge school. The tension between these two was palpable at the beginning of season two. Slowly over time, the romance between these two began to rekindle and by episode 8 these two were back together; Aiden promising to never disappear on her again.

Season One: Aiden was not in season one.

• First appearance: Episode 201 “Destiny”
• Trained under Takeda with Emily at Revenge School
• Aiden was the one who found Emily's mother, alive and well, working at a motel.
• Killed the white-haired man, a.k.a. Gordon Murphy, to save Emily's life.
• Acting as Takeda's proxy on the board of Grayson Global and was tasked to destabilize the company.
• Informed Daniel of Grayson Global’s potential ownership of NolCorp.

Actor Bio
: Barry Sloane is a British actor making his splash into American television. He has appeared in “In His Life: The John Lennon Story”, the award winning” Pleasureland”, “The Mark of Cain”, and “Hollyoaks”. Barry is also scheduled appear next to Michelle Monaghan and Michael Keaton in the movie “Penthouse North” in late 2012.