Carole Miller

By Aaron Welsh Sep 12, 2012
Carole Miller is Nolan’s aunt, Conrad’s former secretary, and the person who first introduced Nolan to David Clarke, the man who helped get NolCorp off of the ground. While working for Conrad she discovered Roger Halsted, the accountant who could have proven David Clarke’s innocence. Shortly after David’s murder in prison, Nolan called his aunt in a panic and had her go into hiding immediately.


• First appearance: Episode 119 “Absolution”
• Birth date: June 20, 1950
• Current Alias: Carole Thomas
• Current Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
• Carole originally began working for Conrad in 1988
• She was the person who introduced Nolan to David Clarke
• In David Clarke’s journals she is referred to as CM
• On April 24, 2002: Carole Miller “dies”. Place of Death: New Mercy Hospital in Manhasset, NY. Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest
• After David Clarke was killed Nolan had Aunt Carole change her identity because he feared for her life. Nolan had her go “to the place we went to that one summer with the horses. Do not stop off at your apartment.”