David Clarke

By Aaron Welsh Sep 11, 2012
David Clarke is Emily and Charlotte's father and the former lover of Victoria Grayson. David was framed for the downing of Flight 197, sent to prison, and murdered to keep quiet. Emily is back to avenge this man's death.

• Name: David H. Clarke
• Born: July 11, 1961
• Died: April 22, 2002
• Arrested: August 31, 1993
• Convicted: June 9, 1995
• Occupation before arrest: Hedge-fund executive
• Childhood: Raised by his Aunt Charlotte on a 60 acre farm in Kansas
• David met Victoria for the first time at her New Year's Eve party on December 31, 1990.
• Falsely accused of laundering money to the terrorist group Americon Initiative, which blew up Flight 197.
• Fell in love with Victoria Grayson and became the father of Charlotte Grayson
• According to Nolan, in the last few months of David’s life he became paranoid and terrified.